Ugh je suis malade
And I need to go schol; there are not worse thing then go to school sick ;;;;;
I feel so bad, and bed.
I can’t do nothing, ;;;;;;; 

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"Impressed by Robespierre’s zeal, Mirabeau remarked: “This young man will go far. He believes what he says.”

Robespierre had found a second home with the carpenter Maurice Duplay and his family. Ruthless in politics, he was like a benevolent uncle with the Duplay girls, helping them with their studies and taking them on picnics. They called him “bon-ami”; he was always so obliging, such a gentleman, so nicely dressed and with a freshly powdered peruque. Robespierre had discarded his drab lawyer’s black for bright coats and silver buckles.

He warned that for those who would not learn Virtue, the “Razor of the Rupublic” waited. “The Terror,” he declared, “is nothing other than justice, prompt, severe, inflexible. It is therefore an emanation of Virtue.”

Not everyone kept a bitter memory of the Incorruptible. When, many years later, the dramatist Victorien Sardou asked Eleanor Duplay about her family’s famous lodger, she sighed and replied: “You would have certainly loved him. He was so kind, so affectionate!”

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